The VoIP phone system for your business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is here to revolutionise how you make calls. Whether you’re looking for a new phone system for your office or you simply want to empower a remote team, VoIP is the flexible solution for your business. CircleLoop offers a market-leading VoIP phone system with added features and tool integrations at no extra cost, with no lengthy contract.

Instant access & setup

No landline required

No need for a phone line or installation costs, just sign up, add users and get calling. All you need is an internet connection, you don’t even need a phone.

No lengthy contrac

Rolling contract

Our VoIP phone systems don’t require lengthy contracts. You have full control with a rolling monthly contract.

Powerful features for business communications

More than just phone calls

A VoIP system gives you access to more than just a phone. We have powerful features, like call recording, virtual numbers and analytics alongside integrations with the biggest tools.

Customers Reviews

"I can't understand why anybody would buy a standalone telephone system when Circleloop has all of the features of an expensive PBX phone system with no deskphone equipment needed. It's fantastic."

"We had a very rigid system, with traditional handsets that did not allow for remote working. The cost was also high, especially having to purchase new hardware."

"Our business productivity levels have actually increased 40% during the Covid-19 period. Our employees working from home and having access to the facilities they used to have in the office is a major contributor to this."

The benefits of VoIP with CircleLoop

  • VoIP offers a cloud-based solution to give you maximum flexibility
  • Integrate with Hubspot, Pipedrive and all your other favourite tools
  • Easily record your calls to improve your internal processes
  • Powerful call analytics give you complete oversight of your team’s performance
  • Add virtual numbers to your account to appear local
  • Without the need for a landline, you can take calls anywhere you have the app and an internet connection
  • Fully customisable IVR Greetings & Menus, call routing and call forwarding

The ultimate telephone system for your business

VoIP makes your business communications more agile. Moving to a cloud-based system gives you added flexibility, both on your payments and where your team can access their business phone number. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a desktop or mobile app and you’re good to go.
Scale your phone system by adding new users and numbers at the click of a button.

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What is a VoIP phone system?

VoIP is the set of protocols enabling the transfer of voice over the internet. A VoIP phone system is one that’s based around these protocols, meaning it doesn’t need a landline to operate.

It enables you to make telephone calls using the internet with a VoIP enabled device, whether that’s a special desk phone or your laptop.

What is VoIP?

VoIP phone systems for small businesses to established organisations

We’re experts in providing telephone systems for offices and agile employees at startups, small businesses and more established organisations.

Starting up business graphic

Starting Up

VoIP gives a start up the flexibility it needs to take calls on the go and scale its user base quickly. Add virtual numbers to give your startup a local feel.

Phone systems for startups
Growing business graphic


Set up a VoIP network for your business and never miss a call again. All the benefits of a traditional phone network, without the landline and even more features.

Phone systems for small businesses
Established business graphic


Upgrade your existing phone system to our IP phones and gain powerful analytics, call tracking and forwarding. Get the right team member on the end of the phone.

Phone systems for enterprise businesses

A VoIP system with you in mind

VoIP offers professionals in every kind of business a flexible telephony system. Whether you’re an electrician that’s always out and about, a sales team that needs to be agile or a team spread across the country who need one centralised identity, VoIP can help. CircleLoop offers reliable VoIP services for every professional.

VoIP systems provide powerful features

One of VoIP’s biggest benefits over a traditional landline is the additional features. Our VoIP solutions add numerous call features at no extra cost to you, like call recording, call analytics, IVR Greetings & Menus and much more. Discover phone system features.

Call analytics

Data driven analysis lets you solve problems, improve sales and stop wasting time on poor prospects.

Virtual Numbers

Access hundreds of virtual numbers instantly, allowing you to appear locally or internationally and to assign multiple numbers to a user.

Cloud Call Recording

Call recording lets your sales team learn from their mistakes and improve their calls, plus they don’t have to worry about taking notes or missing a detail.

Call & Contact Tagging

Tag calls and contacts to give as much context to a sales professional as possible when making another call.


CircleLoop can sync up with deskphones, so if you still need a physical phone presence we can help there too.

IVR Greetings & Menus

If people need to return your sales calls, you can set up in-call menus to direct callers to the right place.

Number Porting

Port your old number over to CircleLoop, so you haven’t got to worry about losing key inbound prospects.


While our apps lessen the worry of missing a call, we offer voicemail transcribing for any voicemails left to your CircleLoop numbers.

Click to Call

Never have to worry about leaving your CRM platform, with CircleLoop’s ‘Click to Call’ capabilities you can call your prospects directly from your tools.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

As a cloud-based phone we run using VoIP (voice over internet protocol), so you can make and receive calls on your mobile or desktop.

Automatic Note Taking

Never worry about taking notes during or after a call again. Call recording automatically logs everything you need as a note to the call or contact.

CRM Integrations

Hook your CRM platform up to CircleLoop and make us your CRM phone system. Get all the benefits of CircleLoop alongside your favourite sales tools.

A VoIP service provider offers more than just calls. Integrate with your favourite tools.

A VoIP system integrates smoothly with your favourite tools, whether it’s CRM, customer help or accounting. Sync up your address books, call prospects from inside your CRM or keep track of valuable contracts. See our tool integrations.









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Choose CircleLoop for your VoIP phone system

At CircleLoop we’re confident that a VoIP phone system is the best alternative to traditional phone lines. Not only does it offer more flexibility but VoIP providers are simply more cost effective.




+ VAT monthly per user


Includes 1 UK Number


All CircleLoop features

(Including call recording, conference calling & voicemail to text)


Unlimited inbound calls


Unlimited outbound calls


International calls

From 3p / min



4p / message


No set-up or activation fees

Pay As You Go


+ VAT monthly per user


Includes 1 UK Number


All CircleLoop features

(Including call recording, conference calling & voicemail to text)


Unlimited inbound calls


UK outbound calls

From 3p / min


International calls

From 3p / min



4p / message


No set-up or activation fees


7 day free trial, no credit card required


Unlimited inbound calls


Flexible packages

VoIP phone system FAQs

What are the different types of phone systems?

There are three types of phone system, either KSU, PBX or VoIP. A traditional system is historically based on KSU or PBX.
CircleLoop is a cloud-based phone system that uses VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) which allows for more agile business telephone systems.
What is VoIP?.

What is the big switch off?

BT announced that they will be turning off all PSTN and ISDN networks in 2025, which may affect your telephone system. VoIP systems won’t be affected by this, so prepare early.
Learn more about the big switch off.

Can I add a VoIP number to a mobile device?

Absolutely, you can either use our intelligent call forwarding to route internal calls to your mobile number, or you can access your app on your device.

Do I need to pay extra for features?

All of our features come at no extra cost to you.
The only additional costs will be for extra users or numbers.

Do I need to pay installation costs for a VoIP system?

There are no installation costs needed, although we’d recommend running a VoIP system on WiFi rather than mobile data for best performance.
You can get VoIP desk phones for your office, but they won’t need a landline in the same way as a traditional system.
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