Virtual Phone Numbers: Create a local presence in more than 60 countries

Don’t have a number to transfer across? Looking to create a local presence somewhere else? No problem - we have over 250k virtual phone numbers to choose from.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual phone number is one that’s not tied to a specific fixed landline. When you’ve got a phone number that’s not associated with a telephone line, it opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Combined with a cloud-based business phone system, like CircleLoop, a singular virtual number can work on numerous devices, but you can also direct multiple virtual phone numbers to one person or app.

Virtual numbers make location no object. Add local numbers instantly.

Virtual phone numbers also give you access to local numbers, so even when you’re based somewhere else, you can make and receive calls via numbers local to that area. This makes them an incredibly powerful tool for startups and established businesses alike, whether you want local numbers for your sales teams or a virtual call center for a not for profit organisation.

No matter where you’re based you can add extra UK 01, 02, 03 numbers as well as 07 phone numbers in your CircleLoop app, then dial-out and receive calls instantly. Any number you add is ready for use immediately with no activation waiting times. International numbers are also available instantly, on request.

The benefits of virtual numbers for a business

  1. Appear local, from anywhere

  2. Build trust with your customer base

  3. Swap a mobile number for a landline

  4. Assign numbers to individuals or teams

  5. Track calls and access analytics by number

  6. Make your business number memorable

  7. Make your phone numbers flexible, for any need

  8. Forward calls with ease to the right people

How do I get a virtual number for my business?

Accessing virtual numbers for your business couldn’t be easier with the CircleLoop app. Once you’ve signed up for a CircleLoop account you’ll be able to access the virtual numbers feature. Here you’ll be able to select numbers to add to an account or user. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, we have the phone system solutions for you.

Once you sign up you’ll be able to start adding virtual numbers, whatever type or size of business you are.

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Set up virtual phone numbers instantly

It couldn’t be easier to add virtual phone numbers to your CircleLoop business phone system. Simply go to any of our apps, select the number you want, choose who will answer the calls and it’s ready to use. Our 01, 02, 03 & 07 numbers start at £2 per month, with no contract.
Our virtual phone numbers are accessed directly through our app on android, iOS and desktop.

Use virtual numbers to be remembered with memorable numbers

Looking for something a bit more special? We also have over 50k Gold memorable numbers available, starting at just £30 upfront, including local vanity phone numbers. More on this below.

Learn more about memorable numbers.

Consecutive Phone Number Blocks

Want to reserve a range of consecutive numbers for your team? Just get in touch and we’ll show you the options, whether you’re after local numbers or simply a block of consecutive 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers.

Add Virtual Mobile Numbers

At CircleLoop we have thousands of virtual mobile numbers available, so you can quickly scale the number of mobile numbers your team has access to. A virtual mobile number can be used for any business purpose, but is particularly useful for work phones. All of our business phone numbers are technically virtual numbers as we use a cloud based system, and your team will be able to access their virtual mobile number either in browser or on their phone through the app.

Unlock Virtual Landline Numbers

Adding a virtual landline number to your account can add that extra trust you’ve been missing. Make any calls, even if they’re made from mobile or desktop, using a virtual landline number and your recipients are much more likely to pick up. We have thousands of completely virtual landline numbers available for your business and you can add them to your account at the click of a button.

Choose from thousands of Gold, Silver & Bronze memorable numbers

A memorable number can help people remember what your number is when they call you, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Our memorable numbers are split into gold, silver and bronze tiers. These let you choose a vanity number that’s best suited to your needs. These memorable numbers are available across UK nation, town/city and mobile numbers. Each level comes at a different cost, which we’ve detailed below.


Gold numbers from £10 a month


Silver numbers from £5 a month


Bronze numbers from £3 a month

Virtual numbers give you access to….

What is CircleLoop?

CircleLoop is a next generation cloud-based phone system which runs in simple, powerful apps. It’s a modern, feature-packed replacement for your existing business phone system delivered in an easy to use self-service app. Simply add your users (from just £5 per month) and say goodbye to business mobiles, complexity, contracts and phone-related hassle. With an app that works for windows, android, iOS and on Mac, we’ve got all bases covered.

Business Phone System

What else does CircleLoop give you?

These are just a few of the added benefits you’ll get from CircleLoop...

Powerful call analytics

Any call made through CircleLoop is automatically logged, including information on users, most dialled numbers, missed calls, call duration and more.

Cloud call recording

All calls made using CircleLoop can be recorded if you want, so you can review all your calls and not have to worry about taking notes.

Conference calling

CircleLoop offers conference calling all in the app, so you can have unique conference rooms without needing a separate system to your business phone.

Powerful integrations

Integrate CircleLoop with well known tools, to create powerful phone systems with services like Hubspot, Zoho, Office 365, Capsule CRM, Pipedrive and many more.

Call routing and call menus

With multiple virtual numbers you can still route your callers to the right person in the app, with powerful call routing and smart menu options.

Number Porting

Keep your old business number and port it over to your CircleLoop account in just a few easy steps.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Numbers

What are local numbers?

A local number in a cloud-based phone system is one with the area code of a particular geographical area that forwards to a central app. It gives your business the sense of having a local presence, even if they don’t.

What are 0333 numbers?

An 0333 number is a virtual number that’s not associated with a particular geographical area or landline. They are used by businesses and other organisations when a location is less important. This includes companies like registered charities and non-governmental organisations.

What are memorable phone numbers?

A memorable phone number, often referred to as a vanity phone number, is one that’s specifically designed to be easy to remember. We have a selection of bronze, silver and gold memorable numbers available at excellent rates.

How does a virtual phone number work?

A virtual phone number acts as a link between a traditional phone number and a VoIP system. It connects the number with an app, or cloud based system.

Can I search memorable vanity numbers?

When you sign up to CircleLoop you’ll be able to search through thousands of memorable numbers so you can pick the best one possible for your business.

Are virtual phone numbers safe?

Virtual numbers are incredibly safe. Using them actually protects your employees by giving them additional numbers for making and receiving calls from. This means they don’t have to worry about their identity or personal numbers being exposed.

Do CircleLoop Provide 0800 numbers?

CircleLoop provide 0333 numbers which are local non-geographic numbers, giving your business a nationwide presence just like 0800 numbers and are ideal for business that want to attract potential customers from throughout the UK.

Are 0345 numbers free to call and how much do 03 numbers cost?

While these numbers aren’t free for people to call, they’re usually included in call packages so will come out of someone’s minutes allowance. All 03 numbers are included in this.

Does call forwarding cost money?

While normal call forwarding costs include the duration plus the cost of the type of number you’re diverting to, a virtual number simply forwards to a regular CircleLoop account and it won’t cost users any extra.

Can I buy a specific phone number?

With virtual numbers you can buy a specific phone number and add it to your account. You can then assign this number to one particular user alongside other numbers.

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