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Record your business calls, review, share and download the files. Unlimited call recording is included with CircleLoop.

Cloud-based call recording apps for desktop and mobile

CircleLoop gives you professional call recording across our Mac & Windows desktop apps and iOS & Android smartphone apps. So no matter where you’re working, your call recording works too. You access all of our features as soon as you’ve signed up and downloaded our app.
You control when you want your calls recording and then you can play back, download or even share the files. Perfect for staff training and quality control, and without the extra costs often imposed by other providers.

Use call recording to improve call quality and train your teams

Recording your calls lets you keep on top of your call quality. Not only that, but you can use recorded calls to train and develop your team. Use best in class calls from your sales team or customer service to teach new hires better skills. Or use them to highlight any areas that need improvement across your whole company.
Phone recording lets you work on improving your call centres, sales teams and any part of the business that spends time on the phone. As CircleLoop integrates with the best CRM and helpdesk tools on the market, you can record any call you make within those systems.

How do I set up call recording for my business?

Whether you’re after call recording for your sales team, call centre, HR team or day-to-day calls, getting set up is the same.
With CircleLoop it’s as simple as downloading our app and following a few simple steps to set up call recording. This, along with a host of other features and integrations, makes CircleLoop a powerful tool for businesses of any size looking for a phone system for their company or team.

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Never make notes again - record conference calls and meetings

Our call recording software can be set up for individual calls or be activated for your entire account. If you use CircleLoop for meetings or run conference calls regularly, you can record those too.

Absolutely any phone call made using CircleLoop can be recorded, so you don’t have to worry about making meeting notes again.

Powerful tool integrations, enhanced with call recording

CircleLoop can integrate with the biggest tools on the market, adding call recording and all our other features at the click of a button.

Using a CRM? Record your calls and have your call activity automatically logged and synced with your contacts, directly into your CRM system.

Rely on helpdesk software? CircleLoop can add its call recording capabilities to your arsenal, as well as call analytics, tracking and much more.

Stay in control of your call recordings

As a CircleLoop admin, you control when calls are recorded across all of your users, and you can listen back, share and download recordings directly from the powerful Caller Analytics panel, giving you quick and easy access to key client contacts - no more disruption for the rest of your team.

What is CircleLoop?

Welcome to the next generation of phone systems. CircleLoop is entirely cloud-based, giving you access to your numbers through apps anywhere you need them.

It’s packed with features designed to enhance your business phone system and is entirely self-service. Add users from just £5 per person per month and don’t worry about being tied into lengthy contracts or hidden fees.

We have apps for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac so you’ll unlock cross-platform call recording and other powerful features instantly.

Business Phone System

More than just a call recording app

You get immediate access to a host of other features, including...

Powerful call analytics

CircleLoop logs all of your calls automatically. This includes any call information as well as information specific to a user, like most dialled numbers, missed calls, duration and more. Our analytics then let you drill down to find performance indicators.

Virtual Numbers

Access hundreds of virtual numbers instantly, allowing you to appear locally or internationally and to assign multiple numbers to a user.

Conference calling

You’ll gain access to conference calling as soon as you sign up. It means you won’t need to subscribe to a separate conference call system to your phone.

Powerful integrations

We play very well with others. We integrate with some of the most respected tools on the market, across CRM, helpdesk and accounting. Tools like Hubspot, Zoho, Office 365, Capsule CRM, Pipedrive and many more.

Call routing and call menus

Create personalised IVR Greetings & Menus so that callers can be directed to the right places. Add call routing and forwarding so that individual users can handle multiple numbers.

Number Porting

Don’t want to give up your old number? It’s ok, you can keep it. You just have to follow a few steps.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Numbers

Is call recording legal in the UK?

It is legal to record calls in the UK, as long as you follow the regulations in place. These include requiring consent and informing the customer that you will be recording. You must also store recordings securely and make them available on request.

How do you record a phone call?

It’s as simple as turning it on in the call settings menu in our app.
For full instructions check out ‘setting up call recording’.

Can I get a copy of a recorded call?

All calls can be downloaded as .mp3 files from within the app. This can be done next to a recent call or within a user’s call history.

Can I record meetings?

Yes, you can record meetings if they are made using CircleLoop.

Can I record conference calls?

Yes, you can record any conference calls you make using CircleLoop’s conference call feature.

How are call recordings stored?

Recordings are stored securely by CircleLoop for twelve months.

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