Keep your existing phone number with CircleLoop

If you’ve had your business number for a while, you’ll probably want to keep the same number when you move to CircleLoop. Luckily, we can transfer the majority of UK phone numbers by porting them across to our network.


Local (geographical) numbers

We can port 98% of local phone numbers into CircleLoop. The process to do this is a bit clunky, but don’t worry, we’ll do most of the work! Your side of the bargain is to make sure you fill in the porting form accurately to avoid extra costs and delays. It generally costs £20+VAT to port a local number into CircleLoop.


National numbers

The process to port national phone numbers is a little more complicated but, nonetheless, we can usually get your number across. National numbers often take longer to port and are more prone to failed requests, but we’ll run you through the process and associated costs before we start. It costs from £20+VAT to port a national number into CircleLoop.


Mobile numbers

The process to port mobile phone numbers is very straightforward and can usually be completed within 48 hours. All we need from you is a PAC code from your existing provider. It is normally free of charge to port a mobile number into CircleLoop.


Freephone numbers

We can port some freephone (toll-free) numbers to CircleLoop. Please note that we do not sell freephone numbers, so the only way to use one on our network is to port it in. As is the concept with freephone numbers, you will pay an inbound call charge of 6p/minute. It costs from £30+VAT to port a freephone number to CircleLoop.


Multiple or multi-line numbers

If you have more than one number you’d like to port to CircleLoop please let us know. We can usually process multi-line requests, as long as you’re porting all of the numbers in one go. It costs from £20+VAT to port multi-line numbers to CircleLoop.


Mirror your number

If you are the owner of a UK landline or mobile number this feature allows you to use CircleLoop instantly to make outbound calls from your current number whilst you wait for your number to port into us. The number is mirrored on outbound calls only so inbound calls will still ring on your current system.

If you wish to forward inbound calls into CircleLoop as well then please speak to your current provider and they can forward calls to a new live CircleLoop number of your choice, as far as your customers are concerned they still ring your current number.

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