How CircleLoop helped Envirosystems increase productivity by 40%

About Envirosystems

Envirosystems is a British family business which produces cutting-edge solutions for farmers, including recycled, hygienic livestock bedding and industry-leading slurry and silage inoculants.

Launched in 2001 Envirosystems has grown over the years and now owns a production plant, has R&D laboratories and has internal marketing and operations teams.

Envirosystems has been the winner of multiple awards, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Envirosystems old phone system was stuck in the mud when Covid-19 hit

Before CircleLoop Envirosystems phone system was a classic PBX office-based system.

When Covid-19 hit in March 2020 their system soon became outdated as a majority of their staff had to work from home.

When issues arose to get the problem resolved it required getting an engineer called out which meant their phones were offline until it was fixed.

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The system became outdated and was not effective when Covid-19 hit when most of our office staff working had to from home.

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The telephony hardware needed came with a hefty capital investment, alongside a relatively expensive service agreement.

Envirosystems harvested the power of CircleLoop Integrations

Before choosing CircleLoop Envirosystems carried out extensive research into what business phone system would best suit their needs. One aspect that helped make their decision was CircleLoop’s powerful integration with the CRM Pipedrive allowing them to sync contacts, click-to-call and log call activity.

Envirosystems have used the Pipedrive integration to create an automatic calling calendar for the sales team, tracking internal and external call patterns to create FAQs.

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The Pipedrive integration has enabled the business to build an 'intelligent database' that captures behaviours by customers and predicts the best time to call a customer based on their previous responses.

Productivity increased by 40%

Setting up the CircleLoop account was a breeze for Envirosystems. Business operations have increased by 40% even during the pandemic with the ability to add multiple devices for each of their users helping them to work from multiple locations.

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CircleLoop enabled the business to not just continue to operate, but handle the 40% increase in business levels during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

CircleLoop is perfect for increasing customer satisfaction

CircleLoop enabled Envirosystems to build an overview dashboard via our analytics dashboard meaning they can respond to situations as they happen.

CircleLoop call routing gave Envirosystems the ability to route calls and change how they are routed at different times of day.

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We can continue a great customer experience by quickly programming CircleLoop to divert to a dedicated contact

Discover how we have helped our customers improve their business communications

"CircleLoop made the transition to working from home easy when Covid-19 restrictions came into force."

"We had a very rigid system, with traditional handsets that did not allow for remote working. The cost was also high, especially having to purchase new hardware."

"The Customer Success Team get a 10/10 for their support in setting up our account as well as liaising with our previous provider when we ported our number."

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