Finally, a better phone system for startups

Finding the best phone system for your startup can take you to the next level and kickstart your road to success.

CircleLoop lets you instantly access a local or national business phone number, manage your business calls via powerful applications, kickstart your communications strategy and analyse all your call data at the click of a button.

Grown past the startup phase? We can help sort phone systems for SMEs and communications solutions for large businesses too.

Save valuable time: instant access to powerful startup phone system features

CircleLoop is built differently, everything is cloud-based and just works instantly.
You’ll have a full feature phone system live within minutes, download our powerful apps for desktop and mobile and you’re live! It’s all self-service, so you don’t need to spend time waiting for engineers and hardware installation, and there are no contract ties, so you are in complete control.

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What we’ve done for startups

Quote Mark Quote Mark

As a manager of our sales team, CircleLoop allows me to track and monitor my team's calls. The ability to record and listen to calls means I can continue to provide my team training and give them pointers and advice on how they can improve."

Bunk, The Future of Renting - read the full case study
Quote Mark Quote Mark

Our business productivity levels have actually increased 40% during the Covid-19 period. Our employees working from home and having access to the facilities they used to have in the office is a major contributor to this."

Envirosystems, Innovating for Agriculture - read the full case study

Never miss a call: cloud based phone systems for startups with voicemail transcriptions

We know it’s hard to always be available when you’re starting out. Try as you might you still haven’t mastered the art of being in two places at once!
CircleLoop has you covered. Our mobile apps mean your phone system uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and it comes with you wherever you are so you can connect your business phone with your mobile phone.
This means clients and prospects can still reach you as your number isn’t tied to a landline and doesn’t have to be forwarded. The app has professional voicemail built in, with free voicemail transcription functionality to help you keep on top of things when you’re just too busy to answer.

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What is a VoIP phone system for startups?

To put it simply, VoIP is the ability to communicate via voice using the internet. For a startup, this is invaluable. It’ll give you much more flexibility, increased control over your numbers & users plus access to numerous other important features that don’t come as standard with a traditional business communications system.

Look professional

CircleLoop gives you everything you need to run a professional business from the get-go, but without the usual hardware costs. CircleLoop is also a virtual phone system, meaning you can access Virtual phone numbers, letting you create a presence in towns and cities of your choice in the UK and internationally.
Because CircleLoop runs in apps, you can receive calls and make calls from your virtual phone numbers, from wherever you are.

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Killer features: from call analytics through to call recording and conference calls

CircleLoop includes over 60 smart self-service features that put you firmly in control of your phone system. From professional IVR Greetings & Menus and call recording, to virtual numbers, conference calls and onboard call analytics you’ll have everything you need, with any changes you make live instantly! And because we don’t think you should have to pay extra for the things you need, all of these killer features are included as standard.

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Works where you work

Whether you’re working in the office, at home, from a coffee shop or wherever takes your fancy today, CircleLoop works wherever you’re working, with powerful apps for desktop and mobile, and optional desk-phone support. You can call your customers and prospects from your landline number from any location, so even if you don’t have an office yet, nobody needs to know!

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Integrate seamlessly with your other tools

As a startup, knowing that all of your tools can integrate with each other is reassuring. It means you don’t have to worry about spending additional money on standalone tools and wasting time compiling reports and data separately.
CircleLoop integrates with powerful tools across CRM, accounting, helpdesk, social media and more. We work together with tools like Hubspot, Zoho, Zendesk Sell, Capsule CRM, Office 365, Pipedrive, Wealthbox and a whole host of others.

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Phone system solutions for every startup business

At CircleLoop we’re confident that our cloud-based phone system is the right solution for any business, whether you’re just starting up, still growing or established. We have solutions suitable for your industry and needs.

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Cost effective

With price plans starting at just £5 per user, per month, CircleLoop is a business phone system for all. With no contract ties, no hidden costs, all features included as standard and powerful integrations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a feature rich phone system that helps startups grow, like CircleLoop.

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Frequently asked questions about phone systems for startups

How do I set up a business phone system for my startup?

With CircleLoop this is as simple as downloading the app, logging on and selecting your basic settings.

Check our guides to setting up your phone system.

How do I connect my business phone to my mobile?

With CircleLoop all you need to do is download the app to your smartphone and you’ll instantly have access to your numbers on the move without the need for forwarding.

Is VoIP cheaper than a landline and is it good for a startup business?

In many cases accessing a VoIP or cloud based phone system like CircleLoop can be cheaper than renting a landline. It also offers you much more flexibility and other features that a landline doesn’t. See our table above for more information.

Can I port my old number?

Yes! At CirlceLoop we let you port your old number over, so you can keep it.

How do I set up caller ID for my business?

This is super simple in CircleLoop. Your caller ID sets itself when you choose a number and to change your outbound caller ID you just need to follow 3 simple steps in the App.

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