Recommended Hardware to use with CircleLoop

Ensure you have the best call quality with our recommended hardware.

Why use a Jabra headset with CircleLoop?

Your computer system’s in-built microphone and speakers were not designed to support the needs of a high quality business phone solution. And whilst the call quality might be acceptable when working in a quiet environment, you’ll probably find it more difficult when working amongst colleagues.

Jabra’s headsets give you:

  • In-call control (volume/call)
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Great audio quality
  • Perfect for calls and for music
  • Light & portable
  • USB or bluetooth connection

Achieve the highest call quality with a modern headset

Office environments can be noisy and distracting at times and this can affect your call quality, especially when using your computer system’s in-built microphone and speakers. That’s why we’ve partnered with Jabra to bring you a range of quality portable headsets that work seamlessly with our Mac and Windows desktop apps.

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Using Handset Devices with CircleLoop

CircleLoop can also work with SIP desk phones, and other devices, such as conference/speaker phones and Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATAs), that support SIP.

CircleLoop currently recommend the SNOM D715 device that is available via our store.

The device is used in a hybrid model with our desktop application, this means that features such on device hold and on device call transfer aren't enabled and are controlled via the desktop application

If you wish to provision another handset then our Customer Success Team can discuss in detail with you how the provisioning process works, our help centre is also available.

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