Overcoming the limitations of a traditional phone system.

About Utility Rentals

Utility Rentals are a leasing company focused solely on the education sector, helping schools procure equipment more affordably for over 33 years.

Utility Rentals provide education facilities with the power to procure all manner of appliances with the budget they have available.

Utility Rentals doesn’t just provide finance – their dedicated team support and provide a complete end to end solution to schools, making it easier than ever to manage and maintain equipment.

The limitations of a traditional business phone system

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"Prior to CircleLoop, we used traditional handsets in the office, these came with their fair share of constraints."

Utility Rentals encountered many limitations associated with their old traditional business phone system; the lack of features made aspects of their job long-winded whilst staff members had to search for contacts on their CRM system then physically enter these numbers on the handsets in order to make calls.

Like many traditional business phone systems the contract that Utility Rentals were tied into was long, expensive and often required purchasing additional equipment.

CircleLoop features supercharge our team

Whilst looking for a new phone system Utility Rentals had a remit of finding a solution that had modern features that would help improve their ways of working.

The administration of the account with CircleLoop was made simpler taking away the hassle of add-ons fees and contracts.

The analytics feature gave Utility access to statistics they would not have otherwise had which helped them with managing their team remotely.

How Integrations help make life easy for Utility Rentals

Utility Rentals use our pipedrive integration enabling contact sync and click to call.

The easy to use features of this integration include the click to call functionality from within Pipedrive; helping to increase productivity and eliminating any misdials.

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"Integrations was a big selling point for us as we were already using Pipedrive so the option of an app that syncs with this and links our calls automatically to the system was ideal for our business use."

Training and monitoring

The ability to record calls, download and playback is one of the most valued CircleLoop features by Utility Rentals.

Under their previous system they could not playback instantly so information would get lost if not heard while on the call. Utility Rentals are now able to use the calls for training and monitoring purposes.

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"Previously if colleagues encountered any issues on a call with a customer we could not listen back to these calls or if we had a particularly long phone call information could get lost but now with CircleLoop we can instantly."

Discover how we have helped our customers improve their business communications

"As a manager of our sales team, CircleLoop allows me to track and monitor my team's calls. The ability to record and listen to calls means I can continue to provide my team training and give them pointers and advice on how they can improve."

"Quick set up. Call recording are easily accessible and call routing is a great feature. CircleLoop gives us the ability to be mobile across offices."

"I can't understand why anybody would buy a standalone telephone system when Circleloop has all of the features of an expensive PBX phone system with no deskphone equipment needed. It's fantastic."

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